Spiritual exercises

Buddhist meditation leads to freedom from suffering.

Free meditation instruction book

I never imagined doing five-element Qigong in the future, 10 years ago when I first started doing meditation and yoga, but I have realised it can be very helpful on the path to liberation. These videos are really good.

5 element Qigong
Qigong, the temple at dawn

Herbalism sites

Herbalism reddit
Richard Whelan’s site
Tillotson Institute
Henriette’s site (contains the Eclectic texts)
Jim McDonald’s site
David Winston’s site
Matthew Wood’s 10 indespensable herbs
The School of Evolutionary Herbalism
Spirit of Health
Planet herbs

Articles that may be of interest

Herbs and the immune system
Herbs for pain

Herbalism lectures and videos

Healing by design

PDF learning handouts

American herbalist’s guild free learning material