About the site:

This site was made because well referenced traditional and scientific information about medicinal herbs should be freely available. It is a non-profit educational resource.

About me:

I am Christopher John, an academic by training, with qualifications in biochemistry, plant sciences, and several years post-doc research experience in statistical analysis of patient medical data.

I became interested in herbalism after getting chronically ill and practiced it on myself for a number of years, most of the herbs I have written about here, I have tried myself. Many of these herbs have given me all kinds of surprising benefits, although often not exactly what I wanted from them, I felt compelled to make this website. Despite trying dozens of these herbs, I did not have any bad experiences apart from a bit of insomnia here and there with a few of them.

I am a long term practitioner of Buddhist meditation and over the last few years I have done a Qi-gong practice. Although it is Theravada Buddhism I have been drawn to, I acknowledge the benefits of a wide range of spiritual practices.